The RA

Let it be know now that Awakening Land is not hung on the wall of the Royal Academy, nor is its companion piece, (Almost) A Place of Pigrimage. Disappointed I was, initially but not so bothered. Now that I have read Waldemar Yanuszczack’s comments in the Sunday Times I am very pleased that I have not been hung. In fact I regard it as an honour not to have been accepted into the middling territory in which the RA so firmly sits. This sounds like sour grapes but I have only submitted for the RA three times, twice (the first and the last) because I though I should, and the middle time because I was ASKED TO SUBMIT BY THE RA! … and each time they rejected me! I have always regarded it as nothing special, something for the well heeled chattering classes to pass by on their way to Henley or Wimbledon and even when I was at college I regarded getting into the RA as nothing special. I don’t even regard having a ‘salon des refusees’ as a resonable response because this implies that the RA is something worth responding to. Comments made in the Times effectively say that those RAs (whom the RA surely made RAs to boost its image) don’t bother to exhibit and those RAs that do are a middling mixture who paint semi-abstract works. When I was 20 and a RAW (joke! (see the RA Summer Show!)) student, I was wisely warned off producing semi-absract work (thankyou, Nick Gray) and this ‘mantra’ has stayed with me ever since.

It seems that the RA very, very reluctantly allows pretty ordinary work by non-members to pass in because it sells easily and therefore boosts the RAs coffers.

Shall I return to my position of not entering the RA? Not a chance. I shall now enter every year with the dangerous gamble of being ‘accepted’, but with the hope that I will always be rejected!!



2 Responses to “The RA”

  1. denise bell Says:

    Their loss…where is your next show? Love to see Awakening Land.

    • mgreenland Says:

      Hi Denise

      The next show, apart from the LAS in Grasmere where I am showing, not for sale, (Almost) A place of Pilgrimage and Awakening Land, will be at Cornerstone Gallery which is at Liverpool Hope University. After that it will be a joint show (three artists) where I expect to show about six works at Art Space Gallery in Islington and will take place at the end of November.

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