New Fiction

For those who haven’t yet seen it, there is just under a week left to visit the exhibition of my paintings at The Cornerstone Gallery at The Creative Campus of Liverpool Hope University. The majority of the work was created this year and most of it in the last two years. The venue is a true galleried space in the cavernous entrance to the building. I is (a) the key exhibition of the Independents part of the Liverpool Biennial, which itself runs till the end of this month.

The folowing links have good comments and reviews of the exhibtion.



2 Responses to “New Fiction”

  1. Matthew Cornell Says:

    I just came across your work through the Open Museum website and I am really moved to comment to you. Your work is outstanding. As a painter myself, I can really understand the difficulty in inventing your work. You really have to know what you are doing to accomplish that. Many of your thoughts on landscape painting and the attitudes directed towards it by critics and museums is right on. I also agree with sentiment that alot of the new realist painters do the cause no service by painting works that appeal to the nostalgia of historical pieces or artists and can be easily dismissed by the art world. I live in the US and so many don’t see that their work is entirely derivative. It is 2011. Not 1850. Sargent is dead. I battle this myself because my work has some of those elements and I can’t stand it and have been trying to find ways to move away from that. Anyway, what a great discovery to find your work.

    • mgreenland Says:

      Hi Matthew

      You left this message long, long ago and I send my apologies for not responding to it. To be quite frank I have only just opened up my blog after a deep sleep.
      Thanks for all your comments. Judging by your feelings it would suggest to me that you may be the sort of artist whom the Open Museum is looking for. So often the site has to reject prospective artists who are just doing the same sort of thing albeit with a well worked out technical professionalism but with no soul and little angst!

      I shal look at your website.


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